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The Douvrin PRV V6 Resource Centre
The PRV V6 Engine at Paris-Dakar Rally & the Speed Records

The PRV V6 at Le Mans 24 Hours

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The PRV V6 in the Paris-Dakar Rally

Among the less known aspects of the PRV V6 history is its active involvement in the Paris-Dakar Rally.

The participation began in 1980 with a "Buggy PRV" having almost standard Renault 30 TS V6 engine. The drivers Herve Cotel & Claude Corbetta were the real pioneers, since in 1981 they achieved the second place in the Rally with 2,85 litre Injection engine "Buggy PRV".

Cotel-Corbetta Buggy PRV of 1981

A Truly Remarkable PRV V6 involvement in the Paris-Dakar became 1982, when 12(!) PRV V6 -engined vehicles took part. The result was three stage victories and 6th place overall for the "Buggy PRV" of Herve Cotel and Claude Corbetta.

Seven of the 1982 PRV V6 vehicles in Paris-Dakar were "Buggies", two Peugeot-Dangels, one Peugeot 504 Berline Special, one Peugeot 504 Coupe,
and one Cournil.

PRV V6 & the Speed Records

The WM P87 Peugeot with a Peugeot Douvrin V6 prepared by the Denis Mathiot Competition took the Endurance Racing Speed Record in 1987. The Driver Francois Migault achieved the speed of 416 km/h!

In 1988, the WM P88 Peugeot took the Le Mans 24 Hours Race Maximum Speed Record
by achieving 405 km/h.

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