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The Douvrin PRV V6 Resource Centre
The PRV V6 at Le Mans 24 Hours

The PRV V6 Engine at Paris-Dakar Rally & the Speed Records

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Gerard Welter and Michel Meunier with their WM Peugeot team were the pioneers of the PRV V6 Endurance Development. Their Peugeot Douvrin V6 project for Le Mans started in 1976, when the GTP Class WM (Welter-Meunier) P76 Peugeot with the non-TC 2,664 litre Peugeot Douvrin V6 piloted by Chasseuil, Ballot-Lena and Mathiot retired after 16 hours.

In 1977 the two participating WMs, P76 and P77 (with similar displacement but turbocharged) were already run by the team with WM name. Success followed: the WM P76 Peugeot became 15th total, and 2nd
in the GTP Class.

WM P78, Le Mans 1978
1978 was not success for WM Peugeots. The 440 hp WM P78 in our photo retired after an 18th hour accident.

The 1979 Le Mans Le Mans brought more success: WM P79 Peugeot driven by Raulet, Mamers and Saulnier won the GTP Class,
total ranking being 14th.

The biggest success for the WM Peugeots came in 1980, when WM P79/80 driven by Frequelin and Dorchy took the total 4th place at Le Mans 24 Hours. Another WM P79/80
of the team became 11th!

1988 was a very significant year for the WM team, since the WM P88 Peugeot achieved the race maximum speed record at Le Mans 24 hours, 405 km per hour! During the qualifications the ZNS4-WM engine prepared by Denis Mathiot Competition had 950 hp available, and in the race 910 hp, making the WM P88 Peugeot
the most powerful and fastest
PRV V6 -engined car ever.

WM Peugeot participation at Le Mans still continued in 1989, when
the WM P489 Peugeot retired
after 20 hours of racing.

An early, 1977 Le Mans effort was also made by Alpine A 310 V6 which never made it to the finish, the car with PRV V6 2,85-litre engine
retiring after 18 hours.

More of a success in the GT Class was brougt by PRV 2,975 litres turbocharged Venturi 500 LM in 1993, all five cars making it to the finish, the best car by Riccardo Agusta team ranking 23rd with 274 laps. The three first Venturis made over 260 laps, and even the very last one 243 laps.

In 1994, PRV 2,996 litres Alpine A 610 by Societe Legeay Sports Mecanique made a very successful race, ranking 13th. However, it was unable to beat the lap result made by Venturi 500 LM previous year, missing just 2 laps on 272. the PRV 2,975 litre turbocharged Venturi 400 GTR by Agusta Racing Team
ranked 17th the same year.

In 1995, the VBM 4000 GTC PRV by Jean-Francois Metz was prequalifying for the race.

In 1997, the Helem PRV V6 by RJ Racing was only on the entry list of the Le Mans 24h race.

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